Baby Beddings and Beyond!

Imagination and versatility inspire our designs and creations. Combining the needs of children and Professional expertise is no easy task to satisfy the Family’s needs for functional, beautiful and fine products. Belily’s collection serves all these aspects of the high quality goods we offer. For the parents of today it is very important to balance the time between their profession and home life to spend time with their greatest treasure, their children. The world of a child is painted with radiant color and filled with fantasy and adventure due to everthing being exciting and new. For any parent the desire to nurture their beloved children on all levels is the main goal from the first time life was breathed into them and they were brought into this world. With Belily’s products, it becomes stress-free to pamper your smart, and beautiful baby and create a wonderful children’s room.

Finally, you can concentrate on the most important calling of your life, your child.

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Wish to sample how our multiple delightful designs Ted the Teddy, Butterfly, Leopard and train look in your child’s room? Now you can with our sample showrooms! As well as our unique feature for you to create and design your own room just the way you’d love it for your child! With our showroom samples you can redesign our rooms with the use of our individual junior bed sets.

The terry towel collection is perfect for your little one to enjoy the superb soapy world of baths! Teaching children the joy of bathing and cleaning themselves is essential for their growth.

Comforters and pillows with many shapes and sizes will support your ideas of the perfect children’s room that you’re looking for. Designing a room full of love and joy just for your precious treasure making it simple, easy and just the way you like it!


In our product catalogue, you’re free to print or download our wondrous designs! We welcome you to enjoy our products and inspire yourself to create a personal, cosy and creative design for your child’s room. Everything is easy to find and all placed in our catalogue.

Order now by calling us, mail, fax, and of course our online store! We will gladly serve you with a smile!

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Are you curious to explore our different designs? Skim through our multiple colourful designs and textiles ready for your viewing.
Be inspired and thrilled to find our many products tailored for your child!

Our products are meant to be a part of your child’s first stages of growing up. A modern parents’ greatest wish is that their child will stay comfortable, happy and loved, Belily serves every must a child needs to be comfortable and happy with an addition of individuality and quirkiness just for you!



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